Last updated: Feb 2, 2019


Enupal Backup allows setup the different binary files needed to run a Backup, this is great for when the server is running on Windows.

Useful tip

You may don't need these options if you're on a Linux Server.

You could add the next binary paths to Enupal Backup:

Tar #

Custom TAR executable location, if you're on an Windows server we highly recommend install Cygwin and add the bin path folder. 

For Example: C:\cygwin64\bin


Custom PHP >7.x executable location. 

For Example: C:\MAMP\bin\php\php7.0.0\php.exe

Openssl #

Custom Openssl executable location. This could be needed if you encrypt your Backups.

MySqlDump #

Custom MySqlDump binary folder. 

For Example: C:\MAMP\bin\mysql\bin

PgDump #

Custom PgDump binary folder. 

For Example: C:\MAMP\bin\postgresql\bin

1.- Paths

1.- Paths