Last updated: Apr 25, 2019


Coupon codes added in your Stripe dashboard will be displayed on your Craft CMS dashboard on Stripe Payments → Coupons. Stripe allows percentage or amount off discounts.

Although Stripe intends for use with subscriptions, you can use coupon codes to let customers apply a discount in your one-time payment forms as well. There are some scenarios where Coupons may not work properly:

  • Apply coupons for recurring payments on custom-amounts (e.g donations forms) are not supported yet.
  • For one-time payment forms, %100 discounts are not allowed as Stripe needs a minimum charge amount.

You can enable Coupons functionality before display the payment form in your templates, the next options are available:

  • enabled: (true or false)
  • label: (string) Message displayed next to the coupon input
  • successMessage: (string) Message displayed if the coupon is valid (twig code allowed)
  • errorMessage: (string) Message displayed if the coupon is invalid
  • displayTotal: (true or false) If enabled will update the total amount
  • totalAmountLabel: (string) Message displayed next to the total amount
  • removeCouponLabel: (string) Message displayed for removing a valid coupon
{% set options = {
    'coupon' : {
        'enabled' : true,
        'label' : 'Apply to this coupon',
        'successMessage': '{name} applied',
        'errorMessage': 'Invalid Coupon',
        'displayTotal': true,
        'totalAmountLabel': 'Total',
        'removeCouponLabel': 'Remove Coupon'
} %}

{{ craft.enupalstripe.paymentForm('sample', options) }}