Enupal Backup

Enupal Backup for Craft CMS


1 year of updates and support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does payment and licensing work?
  • How long does a license last for?
  • Can I test Backup before I buy?
  • How many sites does a license cover?
  • How can I get support for Backup?
After purchasing, we'll send you an email with your unique license key, which you can enter into any Craft CMS installation. In your Craft CMS dashboard please go to: Settings -> Plugins and enter the license key
A single license offers 1 year of updates and support. Once this is up, you can continue to use the plugin, but will not receive updates or support. To extend this, you'll need to renew your license each year at a discounted rate.
Yes. Just like Craft itself, you can test Backup on any non-public domain name indefinitely.
A single license is valid for a single domain name. For each new site, you'll need to purchase a new license.
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