Enupal Snapshot

Enupal Snapshot for Craft CMS

Genera desde html or urls un PDF o una Imagen fácilmente. Enupal Snapshot Utiliza las execelentes librerias wkhtmltopdf y wkhtmltoimage basadas en webkit disponible en OSX, Linux, Windows.

Available in the Plugin Store

Craft CMS RC1

One line of code - Enupal Snapshot

Generate Pdf or Image from Html, Templates or Urls.

Enupal Snapshot uses the best lib for Pdf/Image creation, all you need is call one line of code on your templates and pass  your html from templates or either simple urls.

Generate a pdf from template

Generate a Pdf from a template source

This easy example shows how generate a Pdf from a template source, you could also pass any required variables of your template using the key 'variables'.

Generate an Image from html

If you need generate screenshots from any Html or Url, you just need enabled 'asImage' on your settings array.

Generate an Image from html