Enupal PayPal Buttons

PayPal Buttons for Craft CMS

Sell products or services on your website using a PayPal Buy Now Button

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Craft CMS RC1

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Manage PayPal Buy now Buttons

Create buy now Buttons, add Sku, inventory, shipping amount, discount rate or amount , variants with priced options and much more!

Mange PayPal Buy Now Buttons in Craft CMS
Customize your buy now button

Customize your buy now button

  • Support for 18 languages
  • Support 25 currencies
  • Charge Tax & Shipping
  • Add Discounts
  • Change Quantity
  • Add inventory

Variants with priced options

  • Add 1 variant up to 10 priced options
  • Add up to 6 variants with basic options

Variants with priced options