Enupal Stripe Payments

Stripe Payments for Craft CMS

Allows customers sign up for recurring and one-time payments with Stripe, perfect for orders, donations, subscriptions, and events. Create simple payment forms in seconds easily without coding.

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Craft CMS RC1

Stripe Payments

Start accepting one-time and recurring payments on your Craft CMS site

Accepts one-time and recurring payments easily in your Craft CMS Site. Secure Payment Processing powered by Stripe Checkout and Stripe Elements

Shopping Cart API

A collection of endpoints to retrieve, add, update, clear items, and checkout a Cart

Shoping Cart API
Checkout Twig Tag

Checkout Twig Tag

Build any checkout page, display multiple Price items (one-time, recurring), super secure, user-friendly, multiple payment methods, taxes, shipping, Apple and Google Pay, with just a few lines of twig code.

Creates just a link! no more auto-generated code or javascript required


Stripe Payments Lite: For basic e-commerce websites, where a shopping cart is not required or just needs to process payments for a few products.

Stripe Payments Pro:
For e-commerce websites that need a shopping cart experience or if you need to use the power of the new Stripe Checkout twig tag.

Two flavors
Basic Payment Form Builder

Basic Payment Form Builder

Add field types to capture more data to store with each Stripe Order record:

  • Single Line
  • Paragraph
  • Numbers
  • Dropdowns
  • Checkboxes

Custom Amounts

Allow your customers to pay what they want by entering an amount. Perfect for single and recurring donation or any custom payment form.

You can set:

  • Minimum amount
  • Default amount
  • Interval / Frequency of the recurring charge
  • Free Trial Period

Custom Amounts
Stripe Elements

Stripe Elements

Stripe Elements are rich, pre-built UI components that help you create your own pixel-perfect checkout flows across desktop and mobile. Currently, we support:

feel free to reach us if you want to support any other source

Multi-Language Support

Stripe Checkout supports 12 languages and 135+ currencies, support to autodetect the current language of the visitor is available

View orders in your control panel

View sales in your control panel

Stripe Payments register all your orders and send out email notifications to admins and customers.

Cancel Subscription and Refund Order via CP

You can cancel Subscriptions and Refund Orders in the Edit Order page in the Control Panel

Cancel Subscription and Refund Order