Net Neutrality on the edge of the abyss

Mileidy Z


As the years go by, we observe how technology is advancing, the internet is one of them, to the point that it has gone viral, we all have to do with it, so much so that in these times we have come to tell you somebody who is find in our environment and ignore certain content, program or application that provides this service: "In what world do you live? we are in the 21st century, update yourself ". This virtual space has become a fundamental tool worldwide, offering innumerable services, covering the demand of its users. We are currently dealing with a topic that is giving a lot to talk about and in Enupal thinking about you we want to talk to you about it.

This is the Neutrality of the Network, which has been the equality of data traffic (speed) that travel through the network, being responsible for Internet service providers (ISP) (company that provides Internet connection to its users ) and the rulers that regulate its use. Allowing all of us to have access to the wide variety of services that the web offers us, as well as to offer us new sites in the network that cover our needs. This is a benefit both for the user and the servers, since if you want to start creating your own space on the network you can do it, without having to worry if you will have a disadvantage (in terms of speed) with respect to pages that are the most popular and used daily.

It's great to be able to enjoy what you want to see, as many times as you want, download what you like, we all love using this wonderful service that came to our lives to change it completely, making our day to day more simple, of course because everything is at hand, just by placing a word you get thousands of answers, and if you have a phone it's even simpler, the internet revolutionized the story.

That is why the Neutralization of the Network is implemented with the purpose of safeguarding freedom on the Internet, with Chile being the first country to proclaim it, in 2010, countries such as Brazil and the Netherlands have joined these rules, in addition to States United in which this rule was driven during the government of George W Bush, and is in the mandate of Barack Obama when it is approved in mid-2015, although this issue has been debated for years is Trump current president of the United States who wants to generate a change in the world of the internet and its free use, Trump with his team, made up of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC acronym in English) propose a law that deregulates the Internet market, ending the neutrality of the network, bringing huge consequences such as:

Neutralidad de la Red
Neutralidad de la Red
  • In these moments we enjoy the accessibility to information in unlimited internet you can do what you want, something contrary that would happen if the non-neutrality of the network is approved, being limited, besides that some services would be blocked, such as those in which you download illegal content, as is the case of bittorrent, legally preventing access to it.

  • In addition, the internet would stop paying as a basic service and you would spend to cancel rates estimated by the suppliers, that is, you would have to choose which package of those that offer you favors more and cancel it as a fee, in case you want to enter pages for which you did not cancel you must give an extra payment for them. Along with this we would have two speeds on the internet one fast and one slow, this depends on what you cancel, we would be talking about internet for rich and poor, you cancel according to the scope of your pocket.

  • As soon as those people who want to start their own business in the virtual area, would have to cancel high amounts so that the product they offer to the public can be visible in a prudent time, since in the market we find large operators with high demand, being these the most visited, limiting the accessibility to users of knowing new pages. This would give rise to what would be working illegally, if you give more money to suppliers it will give you a wider band, increasing the speed of your data.

  •  The use of Wi-Fi that we like so much, would cease to exist, since it would not be profitable for those who keep their security system unlocked for free use, due to the high costs that they would have to cancel. apply, all this leads to control what you see, limiting what for so long has been a useful tool for all, we use the internet at all times, even large companies such as facebook, instagram, twitter, among others would be affected, and that would limit the amount of users accessing your pages.
Red web Neutral
Red web Neutral

More than 200 companies send a signed letter to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), in which they state that eliminating net neutrality would affect the economy of the United States. Through the Internet, a large number of online purchases and sales are made. It is expected that by December 14, a definitive answer will be obtained, with a proposed proposal submitted to a vote, in which, if this law is approved, the neutrality of the network will disappear. At first glance this decision would not affect the rest of the world immediately, but it is considered that this could change over time.

The nature of the Internet and the importance of net neutrality is that innovation can come from all over the world. - Al Franken