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The new technologies, related to our environment, are streamlining, optimizing and perfecting some activities that we carry out in our day to day life. But nevertheless, for many, this is still a taboo, which is terrified by the mere idea of thinking that a software attached to a machine can do something better than us or even replace us. However, I think we are intelligent people and we can adapt to these changes and stop fearing a simple machine. And for those people who are not 100% experts in technology and who often search and look for quotes for hours and hours in the technological field, Geek or nerd quotes that inspire us and we can transmit what we want, or just want to post something to teach our followers and the world how much we identify with it. Here I leave you a compilation of some quotes in which in some way or another we have identified ourselves in Enupal or simply because we love it.   But if you have a different phrase to these do not forget to leave it in our comments and so we can interact.

Trabajo desde casa
Trabajo desde casa

1. "Hardware is what makes a machine fast; the software is what makes a fast machine go slow "- Craig Bruce

2. "Alzheimer's Law of programming: if you read a code that you wrote more than two weeks ago, it's as if you saw it for the first time" - Dan Hurvitz

3. "If the code and the comments do not match, possibly both are wrong" - Norm Schryer

4. "Technology alone is not enough. We also have to put the heart "- Jane Goodall

5. "Do you know what the problem is? Imagine the algorithm and do not program it "- Paul Huanca

6. "It's okay to investigate and solve mysterious murders, but you should not need to do it with the code. You should just be able to read it "- Steve McConnell

7. "Web Services are like sex among teenagers. Everyone talks about doing it, but those who really do it, do it very badly "- Michelle Bustamante

8. "A bad PROGRAMMER can easily create two new jobs a year" - David Parnas

9. "Software is a gas: it expands to fill its container" - Nathan Myhrvold

10. "If you think that the users of your programs are idiots, only the idiots will use your programs" - Linus Torvalds

11. "If we want to count lines of code, we should not refer to them as lines produced, but as lines consumed" - Edsger Dijkstra

12. "Technology is just a tool. In terms of motivating children and getting them to work together, the teacher is the most important resource. " - Bill Gates

13. "If you think that technology can solve your security problems, it is clear that you neither understand the problems nor understand the technology" - Bruce Schneier

14. "Schedule without an architecture or design in mind is like exploring a grotto with only a flashlight: you do not know where you are, where you have been or where you are going" - Danny Thorpe

15. "People are always afraid of change. They were afraid of electricity when it was invented, right? "- Bill Gates

Technology and Computing Quotes

16. "Be good with nerds. It is very likely that you will end up working for one of them. " - Bill Gates

17. "Today most software exists not to solve a problem, but to interface with other software" - I. O. Angell

18. "The Internet is becoming the central square of the global village of tomorrow." -

19. "Computing is the beginning, the computer is the tool". > em cache = "background-color: initial;" data-redactor-style-cache = "background-color: initial;"

19. "Computing is the beginning, the computer is the tool". > em cache = "background-color: initial;"> - Robert Denning

20. "We have to stop optimizing for programmers and start optimizing for users" - Jeff Atwood

21. "The computers themselves, and the software not yet developed will develop the way we learn." - Steve Jobs

22. "A computer can be called intelligent if it succeeds in deceiving a person into thinking he is a human being." - Alan Mathison Turing

23. "Things do not have to change the world to be important." - Steve Jobs

24. "Passwords are like underwear. You can not let anyone see it, you should change it regularly and you should not share it with strangers "- Chris Pirillo

25. "Innovation is what distinguishes one leader from the others". - Steve Jobs

26. "The key to success in business is to detect where the world is going and get there first." - Bill Gates

HTML phrases
HTML phrases

27. "Computers are good at following instructions, not reading your mind" - Donald Knuth

28. "The best way to get correct information from the Usenet forums is to send something wrong and wait for corrections" - Matthew Austern

29. "Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally, for the machines to run" - Abelson and Sussman

30. "Commenting on the code is like cleaning the bathroom; nobody wants to do it, but the result is always a more pleasant experience for oneself and his guests "- Ryan Campbell

31. "Before a software is reusable it should be usable" - Ralph Johnson

32. "Do not document the problem; fix it "- Atli Björgvin Oddsson

33. "The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before" - Bill Gates

34. "The only people who have anything to fear from free software are those whose products have an even lower value" - David Emery

35. "Never trust a computer that you can not throw through the window" - Steve Wosniak

 36. "It's great to work with computers. They do not argue, they remember everything and they do not drink your beer "- Paul Leary

 37. "<p> If you can imagine, you can program </ p>"

 38. "I'm not perfect but my code yes"

 39. "The programmers made a deal with God, he does not make systems and we do not do miracles"

 40. "On my machine, if it works"

41. The code is like a letter that you write to your "I of the future" and to other developers. It must be understood.

There is a lot of variety, there is a lot to say about this boom in technology and a lot of experience and wisdom in each of these phrases, right? Therefore today it is necessary to adapt to the changes that are generated in our environment in terms of technological innovation and which are reasons of interest for any person, company or institution in any field.
- Enupal -

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