Green Hotels "Trend that points to sustainability"

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It is notorious to see how the way of thinking and acting of many people and organizations around the world has changed, giving an unexpected turn for many, sustainability has come particularly to hotels, this being one of the new trends. According to a study carried out by the Global Sustainable Tourismo Council and the Hotel Technological Institute 90% of the travelers choose a sustainable hotel and 34% are willing to pay to stay at these sites with such criteria. Begins to resonate a new term that goes in the search of a balance the "eco-friendly" that comes being products or services that contribute with the environment by means of the generation of good practices to improve the quality of life and at the same time conserving the natural resources. All this arises thanks to the need of people to evaluate the services and products according to the environmental aspect that they are causing, helping to prevent or mitigate the environmental impacts that these organizations and companies can cause.


The term "Sustainability" refers to the efficient and rational administration of resources. The hotels that have been operating for years are rethinking the way of thinking and acting of their practices, implementing new management practices which in the long run help to increase their productivity, improve organizational performance, competitiveness, achieve a better positioning of its image which translates into competitive advantages, with respect to the competition. Usually these hotels are always visited by one of the largest economic activities in the universe, we are talking about TOURISM and this is reflected in the income generated, the enormous amount of new sources of employment that are being generated, a large number of people transiting through our cities, whether for pleasure or business and this translates, therefore, sometimes in a negative impact; as the generation of sewage

Destinations and accommodations that seek to attract the attention of travelers and tourists with offers that are very seductive that offer a unique experience; all under the motto "SUSTAINABLE" and that deserve special attention to be able to stand out from the rest. This is where the Environmental Management Systems (EMS) based on ISO standards: 14001 appear with international standards, becoming a potential tool with a permanent need to make companies stay in the market and endure over time, giving credibility and reliability to its clients and community in general .; managing to capture consumers interested in green products and services. Showing that the benefits obtained by these certifications have translated into economic, social and environmental benefits.

Some of the most recognized hotels worldwide as "Green Hotels"

  • NH Hotel Group: "Innovation, efficiency and hotel sustainability"
  • Vincci Hotels
Whitepod Resort, in the Swiss Alps
Whitepod Resort, in the Swiss Alps

In Venezuela, few hotels are added to this new model of sustainable and sustainable economy; although there are initiatives that allow them to be awarded prizes, very few manage to implement a management system and in the best scenario achieve certification; there is a website like that offers the distinction of hotel ecolíderes, without doubt they will improve their online positioning, visibility and differentiation of the hotel in the largest virtual community of travelers in the world, with what this implies access to global markets. But for this it must comply with certain parameters, only in the country are raised with this award some hotels including the JW Marriott Hotel Caracas, Renaissance Caracas La Castellana Hotel, Posada Piano and Papaya Los Roques and finally the Hotel Plaza Meru in Puerto Ordaz, which is an excellent initiative at a low cost but with a great contribution to the environment and that will continue to improve over time. However, for those who want to go further, have the necessary economic resources, the desire to improve and get a certification that is internationally endorsed is already the ISO standard, as is ISO 14001 which is effective, provides a tool for continuous improvement and being certified, greater credibility and transparency are given to the actions as well as the socio - economic and cultural impact of the destinations.

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