Internet of things, interconnection to the future


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Before talking about the internet of things, we should touch on an issue that goes hand in hand with this, "embedded computing" is a very interesting concept because it surrounds us on a daily basis, it is very difficult in this current society of computer revolution so to speak in the sense that computer systems are at their peak or apogee, where every day new computer innovations are increasingly smaller, useful and available to any person, therefore with the adjective "embedded" is it refers simply to a device composed of hardware and software such as chips for any electronic device, with the characteristic that it is "embedded" in such a way that its existence can not be noticed.

In this sense we will talk in this post about the wonders of this embedded computing and the internet of things, in which languages we can program and which devices can use it.

Important data

Thanks to the wonder of embedded computing the daily tasks of humanity are carried out more easily, an important statistic is that in 2010 it was estimated that each human being would interact with 350 microprocessors per day, in this sense the daily tasks of any person It can be done more quickly from making bank transfers from a personal cell phone, to a GPS system installed in the vehicle to warn of possible routes with traffic and thus provide a solution to reach your destination faster.

Internet of Things LOT - enupal
Internet of Things LOT - enupal

What is the internet of things?

It is simply the interconnection of everyday objects with the internet. There will be more connected devices than people.

Before we connected to the internet only with the PC, then came the cell phones, now all kinds of devices that you can imagine: watches, cars, refrigerators, toasters; this is the internet of things (internet of things LOT) and the applications of LOT begin to emerge as foam, but in recent years.

Applications in any programming language as Arduino Uno, Java, C++ (start the c ++ course from 0 of enupal and!)  

In order to create applications, we need an api as a programmer for each correct device. Well this is a subject in which the manufacturers of our everyday objects are starting to worry and come out open api which can be used and applied. An event-oriented architecture is expected for the interaction of our code with the devices.

Security on the internet of things
Security on the internet of things


Very important point I wanted to touch, in 2016 security companies tested LOT devices reporting that among other findings regarding IoT devices, 70% of them have security vulnerabilities in their passwords, there is a problem with encryption of data or access permissions, and 50% of mobile device applications do not encrypt communications.

They also found that a baby monitor camera could be hacked to intercept the video and in a coffee machine that transmitted information without encrypting, you could know the password of the WiFi network where it was connected. So if we do not want someone to turn off the coffee machine in the morning we have to be very careful when installing these devices in our home and if you are a programmer take at least some provisions in our code and add security measures.