Craft CMS course in Spanish!


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Learn how to create a website from 0, step by step from the moment of installing our CMS to having a complete website including a BLOG. The course consists of 42 Classes with more than 6 hours of video, with exams and practical exercises. The course is taught by my person Ing Andre Lopez, I have 2 years working with this great CMS developing Plugins and really after you learn to manage this CMS you will see how much time you save in your projects!

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You'll learn Craft CMS creating a website from 0, the step-by-step guide course from the moment of installing our CMS to having a complete website. The course consists of the following characteristics:

Craft CMS in Spanish
Craft CMS in Spanish
  • 42 Classes
  • Theoretical and practical exams
  • +6 hours of video
  • Question and answer system
  • Resources such as templates, images, database, etc. Downloadable from the application

There is a complete lesson about templates TWIG, the fastest, safest and most flexible PHP template engine.

You will learn to distinguish between different types of sections, to create fields and add them to a layout.

The course is on the platform UDEMY undoubtedly the best platform to learn, in addition to the website, has applications on android and iphone. Once enrolled you will have access to the course for life. Within the platform you can download the necessary resources, apply exams and ask questions and review the questions of those enrolled in the course :).

Here you can see our promotional video of Craft CMS course in Spanish:

Layout and fields Craft CMS
Layout and fields Craft CMS

Craft CMS is developed based on the fabulous Yii Framework, Jquery y TWIG. It is used by companies like Netflix, Oakley, Wildbit pages that handle a lot of content.

The course will allow you to follow the best practices to create a website from 0, to create layouts in an abstract and re-usable way, to create a Blog to show entries by author, categories and labels. I hope to see you in the course,Do not forget to take this 50% off coupon for the course!